Top Family Photo Locations near Seattle, WA

June 29, 2022

When it comes to choosing a location for your family photo session, we’re lucky to have such great options near Seattle. As you consider locations, dream about the look and feel you want your photo session to have. Starting here will guide you toward the right location for your family. 

What feels like your family? Maybe it’s large meadows, or maybe your family loves the beach and water. You could choose a mountain backdrop or lean towards more of an urban scene. Need help narrowing down your list of potential locations? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, below are my top family portrait locations near the Seattle, WA area. However, these aren’t all of my favorites! I have a growing list of session locations. Plus, I have my favorite secret-not-so-secret spots at each of these locations that might be perfect for your family photos. I’m always up for getting creative with a location as well. 

Top Five Family Photo Locations

1. Discovery Park | Seattle – This popular park in Seattle has it all! Trees, trails, meadows, water views, and the beach. This is one of my absolute favorite locations for sessions for its easy access, beautiful landscape, and dreamy golden hour light. 

2. Rattlesnake Lake | North Bend – Rattlesnake Lake offers water and exposed tree trunks along with mountain views in the background. If your family is up for a short hike, there are beautiful trails nearby with lots of places for the session. 

3. Mount Si | North Bend-Snoqualmie – Beautiful meadow with Mount Si in the background? Say no more. This location is perfect for letting the kids run around and be themselves. This location also features a peaceful river. 

4. Carkeek Park | Seattle – If you’re looking for a glorious beach sunset portrait, this is the place for you. This park offers a stunning beach area with a great view of the Sound. There are also nice trails with lots of spots for a family photo. 

5. Mount Rainier National Park [Only Eligible For Mountain Collections] | WA – Looking for a more adventurous family portrait session? If you’re up for it, I am! I love Tipsoo Lake area inside Mount Rainier National Park. Wildflower season is from the end of July to mid-August. Fall colors are best from late September to early October. 

If you have any questions about Mountain Collections, send me an email. 

What If It Rains on the Day of the Session?

So, we’ve picked the perfect location and scheduled the date… only for it to get rained out! Don’t worry; we can simply reschedule the session, or if you’re up for it, we can splash around. Depending on the weather, a rainy family portrait session can actually turn out quite dreamy. 

Seattle Family Photographer 

We live in such a beautiful area here in the Pacific Northwest. Once we choose the perfect location for your family portraits, we’ll plan out the details so that you’re comfortable and ready for the session. 

My photography style is child-led, so we focus on having fun instead of posing. If you want to schedule a session with me, please send me a message here. I’d love to chat with you!