When is the Best Time for Family Photos near Seattle, WA

July 20, 2022

If you’re thinking about when to take family photos, you are far from alone. It sure seems easy enough; you just reach out to your photographer to schedule and take them, right? Maybe so. Sometimes clients wonder if they should wait for a particular season or family milestone. 

The short answer is, don’t hold off on family photos, now is the time. 

Allow me to make a case for family photography in all four seasons in the PNW as well as why you shouldn’t wait for family milestones to have family photos taken. Trust me; you’ll never regret family photos. 

The Case for Family Photography in All the Seasons 

In the Pacific Northwest, we experience the four seasons a little differently than the rest of the country.

Fall – While we see some of the fall colors, I find the beauty of fall to be the cooling of temps and the start of sweater weather, reminding us to slow down and appreciate this new season. It’s also when your kids are starting their new school year, which might be the perfect time to capture them as they embark on the next grade. 

Winter – Don’t be afraid of a winter family session! There are two different backdrops we could go with for a winter family session. First, we could get outside and play in the snow. If snow is not your vibe, we can head inside for a cozy in-home session. It’s a place where your family is comfortable, and your kids are in a familiar space. Having your session here creates authentic images of your growing family. 

Spring – The sun peaks through the wintery gloom and tells us to come and enjoy the light. I love family photos in spring and capturing this season of growth. Plus, the sun sets at an optimal time to take your family photos during the golden hour. 

Summer – I know I’m biased, but the PNW has the best summers of all. During summer, we get to experience great weather with incredible national and state parks at our fingertips—the perfect backdrop for family photos. 

Here in Washington, fall is the most popular time for family photos because of the pretty fall colors, and many clients are looking for the perfect Christmas card. If you want to avoid the fall rush, don’t be afraid to try family photos earlier in a different season.  If you’re brave enough to try a different season, you’ll end up with magical photos. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Family Photos 

Perhaps you’re doing a bit of research right now while you wait for the “perfect time” for family photos. There could be a number of reasons why you think you should wait. Maybe it’s until your child reaches a certain age or reaches a milestone such as waiting for adult teeth to grow.  

Perhaps you’re waiting until you feel ready for professional family images. I can tell you that you look absolutely perfect the way you are right now. Your kids won’t look back on these family photos and think, “if only mom had lost 10lbs for these photos.” They’ll just love. the. photo. they have with their mom. It could even become their favorite photo of you. 

Seattle Family Photographer

I’ll say it again. You’ll never regret taking family photos. Don’t wait for the “perfect time.” The perfect time is right now. As a Seattle family photographer and a mom of two, I know how quickly the days go by and how much I want to bottle up these memories to treasure forever. Photography is how you can bottle up these memories and hold on to this season of your family. 
If you’re interested in scheduling your family session, please send me a message here. Not quite ready to take the leap? Feel free to follow me on Instagram, and we’ll stay in touch. No pressure. Ever.