How to Let Go and Truly Enjoy Your Next Family Photography Session | Seattle, WA

July 25, 2022

As moms, we have a lot on our plate. We are the keeper of all the things, the remember-er of every appointment, practice, and birthday party. We do everything for our families – and then some. We do this because we love our people dearly. 

After a long day of running around, do you ever look at your kids and think, “I want to remember this moment.” Because the truth is that these moments slip on by faster than we’d like. 

So then you decide you want to have family photos taken to capture this season of your family. You have to find a family photographer, choose a location, plan outfits, and worry about how the session will go. You hope for a nice family photo that you can frame and display in your living room. 

Talk about pressure! 

That’s why I’m so passionate about lifestyle family photography. Your family is already perfect how they are, and I’m just there to document that with my camera for you. 

I have a few tips for you to prepare for your family photography session so that you’re able to let go of any stress or expectations and truly can enjoy the process itself. My goal is to capture your beautiful family as they are right now, in this moment. 

How to Enjoy Your Family Photos

1. Choose a day/time that works best for your family

Work with your photographer to find a day and time of day that will work best for your family. The golden hour right before sunset is the best time for photos, and kids are so excited about being in a new place and exploring with their parents, that don’t even notice it’s past their bedtime. But if the fear of cranky kids is still a concern, let’s talk.

2. Make sure bellies are full for the session 

Try and make sure that everyone is fed (even you, Mom!) before the session. Not overly stuffed, but full enough so that no one will be hungry and asking for snacks during the session. 

3. Plan something fun to celebrate after 

Having something fun will help any kids who are unsure about a photography session. Whether it’s stopping for ice cream or by a park after, your child will look forward to that part of the day. 

4. Trust your kids 

I can’t tell you how many parents are worried about how their kids will “behave” during a session. The truth is that we want alllll the goofy giggles and running around that we can get. These are some of my favorite photos to deliver because these are the images that truly capture their kids. 

5. Find a photographer that you love

Don’t just hire anyone for this session. Look for a photographer whose work you love and one that you would enjoy spending some time with. 

Seattle Family Photography

As a lifestyle family photographer, I’m here to document everything you love about your family so that you can hold onto these memories for a lifetime. During our time together, you get to just love on your family while I snap away in the background. Give me all the wiggles, laughs, and games of chase during every session. Are you interested in family photography? Send me a message right here.